Blocked Drains

Treating Blocked Drains

Treating a Blocked Drain


A blocked pipe or drain can really take its toll on your home, especially if you leave it untreated. All sorts of dirt, grime and objects can cause blockages and the longer they are left, the worse the effects will get. So what can you do if you have a blocked drain or pipe? Well there are a few well known remedies that might do the trick.


First of all, you can take a trip down to your local supermarket and pick up some industrial drain cleaner. These types of products can be very harsh on the environment so use them carefully, but they’re designed to power through dirt and sludge, before breaking them down and allowing them to pass through your pipe work as water flows. They are particularly useful for oily blockages, but they will struggle against tougher dirt build ups, especially if they’ve settled and refuse to budge.


If that is the case, then a little bit of pressure might be better suited to shifting those blockages. That’s where pressure washers step up to the mark, but before using them it’s important to note that if the blockage is extreme enough to repel the pressure from the machine, then you may find the sewage shooting back towards you, so use pressure washers carefully. If you are planning on using one, then point it in to the blocked location and turn it on to full power. If it works, the pressure should be able to wash away signs of dirt and grime in no time.


If you find that this method hasn’t worked either then you may have to turn to even harsher alternatives. If your pipes are made of PVC or a sturdy type of plastic, then purchasing some abrasive acid may be the way to go. You’ll be able to pick this stuff up from industrial facilities or directly from the manufacturers, but always be sure to wear protective clothing and avoid using if your pipe work or drainage system contains copper as the acid may eat away at the metal. The main purpose of the acid is to melt away the contents of the drain that are causing a blockage, including waste, hair, food and even certain objects.


If you’re struggling with a blocked drain or faulty pipe and the incident is a bit too extreme to manage, then why not get in touch with your friendly local plumber? They’ll have the tools and equipment ready and waiting to be used, including chemical treatments to help to sweep away even the toughest blockages. If those chemicals aren’t enough, then you’ll be able to rely on the technical knowledge of your plumber to know exactly what to do in any situation.