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Air Conditioning Service Perth

Air Conditioning Service Perth

As well constructed as evaporative air conditioners are, with so many internal mechanisms and activities; it’s only expected for an element to require a repair at some point. Most units are built to last for years (many up to a decade or longer), but if you find yourself in need of evaporative air conditioning repairs, then it’s worth understanding the inner workings to minimize the time taken for the repair. Here’s a look at the most common elements that suffer with damage or wear and tear.
The Overflow Tube
This small tube is fitted internally, and can be found at the lowest part of the air conditioning unit. Its job is to activate when the water has reached a certain level, and the tell-tale signs of faulting are damp spots, drops, and leakages. There isn’t a certified way to repair an overflow tube, and it most cases, it will need replacing. As the components close to the tube are very sensitive (not to mention the close vicinity of water and electricity), it’s always advised to have a professional take care of the replacement.
The Blower
Unlike an external fan, a blower is an electronic component that pumps air internally, before other components channel it. If the blower has suffered with damage, then the chances are that a piece or pieces of debris, have made their way in to the unit from outside. The only way to handle this incident is to gain access to the air conditioning unit itself. As mentioned above, the inner components of an air conditioner are delicate, and replacing a component as large as a blower mechanism should be left to a qualified serviceman.